Praline i lešnik paste

The French savoir-faire

Nuts are full of nature’s goodness and have been widely used in cooking for centuries.

Already in the 17th century, pralinés, nut pastes and gianduja (a mix of nuts and chocolate) provided an inspiration for chefs. Today, nut flavours continue to be highly coveted all over the world. Their unique taste is certainly the primary reason, but the fact that they blend well and produce different textured mixes is also a major factor. With a genuine French heritage, and a track record for supplying quality ingredients, Puratos is a leading supplier of nuts and added-value nut products. More than 65 years of typical French “savoir faire” and continuous innovation keeps this French heritage alive.

Praline and nut pastes
Praline and nut pastes

Surprising textures

Pralinés and Nut specialties have unlimited use in chocolate-making, patisserie & viennoiserie creations. With a choice of creamy and smooth to more texturised and even crunchy, the type of praliné you use makes a real difference. Used as a flavour or filling, it will add a touch of excellence to all kinds of creations. Puratos uses the most modern techniques and the very best ingredients to produce a range that is more suited to the specific needs of the local and international market. 

Good for you

Almonds, pistachios and hazelnuts are packed full of positive nutrients for good health. Because they are made with at least 50% of nuts, our pralinés and nuts pastes contain those benefits. Replacing part of the fat used in your recipe with pralinés contributes the healthy fats as well as other beneficial nutrients naturally present in nuts.

Praline i lešnik paste


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Punjenje za praline na bazi lešnika.

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